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There are more than 4.1 million people older than 55 years in the Netherlands, of which over 1 million of them feel lonely. 20% of them feel extremely lonely. Of the elderly in a health care institution, there are almost 10.000 elderly who never get a visit.


The analyzes showed that the number of elderly people in the Netherlands is rising and will continue to rise. To respond to this, I have designed a living space for this group. Based on my concept image I have made a design according to the key words: connection, recognizability, organic forms and journey to heaven.


The cellar stays the most in its old situation; for the first half; the bike shed remains and the other half of the basement becomes a room where (cooking) workshops are given and offers space for a shared laundry room for the residents.


The ground floor is the main entrance of the building, here are the general functions and the spaces that are also accessible to non-residents. Furthermore, there are the hairdresser, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist and there is a large restaurant.


On the first floor, sheltered accommodation will be realized. The group that comes to live here does not need care in the first place. But if they need it, they are able to get it. They may still live together with their partner or alone and are able to wash themselves, dress, cook for themselves and do the groceries


The second floor offers accommodation to a group that needs medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have a mental and / or physical disability. For this, a medical team is available day and night, who can help them when necessary.


The third floor offers accommodation for terminally ill residents. Incurably ill residents can be cared for here until their death. Due to the homely atmosphere of the floor, this is perceived as better than a hospital environment, while there is still sufficient nursing staff present.


Finally, the roof. The roof offers space for swimming, sunbathing and eating / drinking. To commemorate the deceased, a pavilion was designed on the roof of the building.


The idea of ​​the multiple forms of living under one roof is the rise in storeys. The higher in the building, the less well it goes with the occupant. Then it can be said goodbye to the neighbor on the roof, after which it literally and figuratively goes to heaven.


New function Saxionbuilding





June 2018


Study assignment

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